Do you want a rewarding career in real estate sales in 南澳大利亚? 这是为你准备的威尼斯人网上娱乐!


Our online Sales Registration course is industry endorsed and supported. This course is ideal for those entering the industry who wish to apply for their Sales Registration to work as a salesperson in the industry.

Powered by the Harcourts real estate brand the course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to commence work in real estate in 南澳大利亚.

The course gives an introduction to real estate sales and the responsibilities required for working in the real estate industry.



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The course consists of 19 units of competency which are taken from the qualification CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practices.

  1. CPPREP4001 Prepare for professional practice in real estate
  2. CPPREP4002* Access and interpret ethical practice in real estate
  3. CPPREP4003* Access and interpret legislation in real estate
  4. CPPREP4004 Establish marketing and communication profiles in real estate
  5. CPPREP4005* Prepare to work with real estate trust accounts.
  6. 评估待售或租赁的财产
  7. CPPREP4102 *市场属性
  8. CPPREP4103建立供应商关系
  9. 建立买方关系
  10. CPPREP4105出售财产
  11. CPPREP4161进行拍卖前程序
  12. CPPREP4163 Complete post-auction processes and contract execution
  13. CPPREP4201评估商业地产
  14. 评估待售业务
  15. CPPREP4264 Manage the sales process in business broking
  16. CPPREP4504 Deliver presentations to clients in real estate
  17. 使用包容性的工作实践
  18. CPPREP5007 Develop a strategic business plan in the property industry
  19. CPPREP5008营销物业代理

* Denotes units in the 南澳大利亚 Property Management Registration course. Any person who holds these units will be able to transfer them to the Sales Registration Course. 如果你有这些单位, please contact our Student Experience Team for details on how to transfer your units.


This course provides the educational qualification required to work as a real estate salesperson. The course gives students an introduction to sales and the responsibilities required for working in the real estate industry.

Please note that to work in real estate as a salesperson, you must:


您必须满足以下条件 入学要求 报名参加本威尼斯人网上娱乐:

  1. 持有有效的学生唯一标识符(USI)
  2. Have Year 10 or above competency in English language and numeracy
  3. 满足技术要求
  4. 年龄在18岁以上.


Harcourts Real Estate 培训 Centre offers RPL to all students. RPL is an assessment process that recognises your current skill and knowledge gained from previous education and training and work and life experience. If you believe you have any of the skill or knowledge covered in this course, 你应该威尼斯vns娱乐的学生体验小组1.

本威尼斯人网上娱乐在线授课和评估. You will have 18 months from the enrolment date to undertake study, 研究并完成你的评估.  The flexibility of our course structure means that you could be completed much sooner if you have the time to invest in your studies. 


培训 and assessment are undertaken by logging onto our online 学生门户. 学生门户网站是你所有学习资料的地方, 资源, 论坛, 提供支持和评估. Everything you need to complete your course is in the 学生门户. All materials and support are included in the cost of the course.


Harcourts Real Estate 培训 Centre aims to provide assessment results as soon as possible. All assessments will be marked and results available to students within five business days after submission. If marking time-frames are likely to exceed this time (due to peak demand, 假期时间, 不可预见的情况等.), affected students will be advised by email with an estimated time for marking of their assessment.


When students successfully complete all assessments and requirements for each unit in their course they will be issued with a 声明的成就 listing each completed unit. A copy of this document is required by CBS when you apply for your 南澳大利亚n Real Estate Representative Registration.


Submit the form below and someone from our Student Experience Team will be in touch!


Submit the form below and someone from our Student Experience Team will be in touch!